What we do

We use our expertise to create IoT ecosystems based on voice assistants and cloud services.

We provide comprehensive solutions that include hardware devices, cloud computing and mobile apps.


The core of our company is our technological knowledge. We provide solutions for various markets to meet your smart product needs.

We use only the highest-grade components to produce our hardware products.


B2B services

Electronic design

FPGAs, MCUs, embedded systems


standalone, linux, RTOS

Mobile APPs

customized android and iOS apps

Cloud solutions

AWS, Google Cloud, serverless computing


We provide turn-key solutions to meet your smart product needs

Voice assistants

Alexa Voice Service, Google Assistant

Low power devices

beacons, BLE sensors

Internet of Things (IoT)

connected devices and cloud platform

Our solutions

We have developed our smart solutions based on voice assistants.

Our solutions are composed of:

  • An Alexa or Google Assistant built-in core element acting as a HUB
  • Works with Alexa or Google Assistant devices
  • Smart sensors and ultra low power devices connected via BLE
  • Custom cloud platform
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Care and wellbeing solution

cloudy is a digital healthcare platform that creates a connected ecosystem of devices at home to help improve healthcare outcomes.

With a voice first approach, the user only needs his voice to interact with the devices.

The first device of the ecosystem is pileus, a pill dispenser with Alexa built-in that acts also as a wireless hub to connect other devices.

Discover the first pillbox with Alexa built-in

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