Nexus is a smart voice hub based on a virtual assistance and AI. You only need your voice to interact with it.
  • The smart voice hub is a tool to create health awareness and encourage increased physical activity on the patient. It will smoothly alert the patient to check with the caregivers if something is not according to the plan. When the patient is in his/her room smart voice hub will serve as a bridge from Bluetooth to WIFI to forward the wrist device sensor (arcus) data to the on-the-cloud server. 
  • Voice prompts and messages regarding his/her real-time health condition in a proactive manner: Information regarding his/her quality of sleep, blood pressure or the lack of exercise , will be shared with the patient via the hub, alongside with other information (weather, entertainment, etc) to interact with the user, decreasing loneliness and increasing engagement and motivation to do physical activity.
   Disclaimer: this is a protoype , which is still under development.

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